Become Totally Irresistible to Clients & Cash 

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Become Totally Irresistible to Clients & Cash 


Join Me Myra Kotze on

12-16 December from 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time for My

Live 5-Day Workshop

Replays are available if you cannot make it live


$555 FREE for a limited time!

Becoming Irresistible is your soul’s desire to elevate into a new paradigm, bringing more ease and flow into your business and life 


is so good or attractive that you cannot stop yourself from liking or wanting them.

That’s who you want to become to Clients and Cash

A truly irresistible woman is honest about what she wants in business and in life


When You Lean Into Its Energetic Power Majic Happens.

You will be calling in:

  • More fun with your clients

  • A flood of soul-aligned clients wanting to work with you

  • Creative flow and offers and strategies that excites you and your clients

  • Beautiful strong relationships with your clients

  • An overflow of ease, flow, money, joy, freedom and everything life has to offer

  • An unstoppable sense of self-love, self-worth and confidence

I’m lovingly inviting you, to join me in this brand-new 5-Day workshop

lean into your soul’s desire to become Irresistible to clients & cash


Day 1

Cash Codes

Live 12 December at 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time

Replay available until 30 December 

On Day 1 of Irresistible, you will:

  • Discover how to activate your souls desire – and why it matters

  • Master the energetics of becoming Irresistible

  • Setting that new monthly income goal and activate new levels of Purpose and Cash

Day 2

Offer Alignment

Live 13 December at 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time

Replay available until 30 December 

Become the Goddess, elevate the energy behind the highest level of leadership, creative power and the ability to receive what is inherently yours

She Commands. She receives the best life has to offer. She leads her clients to the highest level of fulfilment and success

On Day 2 of Irresistible, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the power you unlock by leaning into your high-end offer

  • Master the energy behind creating an Irresistible offer

  • Premium high-end clients love high touch and intimacy – activate it in your business

Day 3

Become Irresistible

Live 14 December at 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time

Replay available until 30 December 

Together we will embrace your soul’s desires, we will embrace the new you, new ways of creating and serving your clients

On Day 3 of Irresistible, you will:

  • We will reframe how you feel and see criticism, imposter syndrome, the feelings of not good enough and disapproval

  • Become Irresistible and naturally attract all the ease and flow in your business that you desire

  • Creating irresistible buzz around your offer to attract premium clients

Day 4

Irresistible Scroll-Stoping Posts

Live 15 December at 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time

Replay available until 30 December 

Getting to yes

On Day 4 of Irresistible, you will:

  • Calling in your deepest desires energetically, rather than having to grind for them, you’ll receive with much more ease

  • Building amazing relationships and delivering irresistible value

  • Let them decide if they want to take the next step with you by booking a call, applying for your offer or joining your workshops and programs

Day 5

Irresistible Conversations

Live 16 December at 10 am EST/3 pm UK Time

Replay available until 30 December 

On Day 5 of Irresistible, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the energetic process and see how it affects your conversations

  • Get my 5 secrets to creating Irresistible results in your sales process even if you think sales is yuk

  • Lean into surrendering to easy sales conversations and learn what it truly means and how it  can make a world of difference in your business

It’s time to embrace your soul’s desire for irresistibility



  • have real-world, 20+ years hands-on experience in applying the strategies they teach

  • have successfully built multi-million dollar businesses offline and a million dollar business online

  • helps you put systems in place that gives you the freedom to stay who you are and create extraordinary success in your business

  • works with you live, where you get to ask questions and get answers in real-time

  • works with your energy and healing to ensure personal and business success

  • has the ability to help her clients create magic, money and profound healing

  • has unwavering belief in you, your brilliance and provides you with the support, love and guidance you need to break through and put aligned success into motion

  • is a powerful teacher with the ability to pass on her work and experience to her clients, so they can learn and apply on a deep level

this workshop is the ideal opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with me  


$555 FREE for a limited time

Hi, Myra here!

I’m a wife, mom, and grandmom to a gorgeous little baby boy, and business owner. A Certified Master Coach passionate about living a meaningful life and serving other women to create extraordinary success in their businesses and life.

We live in Thailand on a magical island called Koh Samui, I love chocolate, flowers, candles, crystals and everything energy.

As an entrepreneur, I have built five 7-figure companies from scratch, in record time. Together with my husband Andre, we built a group of companies to $15.63 million in 6 short years

I’m an Executive Contributor for Brainz magazine and one of only 500 women selected as a female leader in our space in 2020.

Some of the top brands I have worked with during my career include:

Avroy Shlain, L’Oréal, Nestle, Redken, Code Zero, OPI,  Four Seasons Hotels, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Toyota, Kia, Makro, JSE, Hollard, NLP Top Coach and many others.

I’ve worked with women globally in more than 15 countries and have more than 20 years hands-on business experience and have made more than $20.7 million in sales during my career.

I now focus on working with my clients to create magic, flow, money, and profound healing.

You and your success are very important to me. My team and I pride ourselves on personal interaction and success for all our clients.

is by far my most powerful workshop ever 

$555 FREE for a limited time


We start on Monday 12 December

From Monday to Friday 12 December to 16 December, we will meet together for approximately 60-90 minutes in a private Facebook group.

Recordings will stay in the group until 30 December, so you will have enough time to watch them later.

No. The access is limited until 30 December only. After this time, you will lose access.

Upon signing up you will see a thank you page where you will be prompted to join the Facebook group, we will let everyone into the group on Sunday 11 December.

Closer to the time you will receive reminder emails and a daily email throughout the workshop with the workbook for the day.